The Laboratory Assistant Suite (aka the LAS) is a modular Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) with the purpose of assisting researchers throughout all their laboratory activities, providing graphical tools to support decision-making tasks, and building complex analyses on integrated data. Each module relies on its very own data framework and provides an individual set of services. Modules exchange information with other LAS components and with external software with RESTful APIs. Besides, the system integrates heterogeneous data stored in multiple database management systems (DBMSs).

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The Candiolo Cancer Institute started this project in 2011. The LAS manages different data storage needs with a polyglot persistence of diverse DBMSs, both relational and NoSQL, i.e.: MySQL, Neo4j and MongoDB. Data references are spread and synchronized across this multi-model data framework. I have contributed to the project since 2014. I designed and developed polyglot data models, as well as Web interfaces of the Clinical Module in the LAS, which tracks Patients information and relevant clinical events. In addition, I developed the help-desk system and I improved several modules of the platform.

The Laboratory Assistant Suite

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