The election map

This election map is an interactive rendering of Italian general election results of March 4, 2018 in Torino (Italy). It is based on a map showing election outcomes on OpenStreetMap. Results per each ward in voting stations are shown for all the city addresses they are mapped to. Each address is represented with a circle whose color denotes the winning party, while its radius is proportional to the turnout. A dynamic clustering of circles eases the visualization of data. Latest outcomes can be compared with the previous ones. Besides, data can be queried and aggregated by drawing polygons on the map.

The election map The election map The election map The election map The election map
The election map

Facts & figures

I designed and developed this dataviz. This map is built thanks to AperTO, the Open Data portal of the city of Torino. Data coming from different datasets are refined and integrated for cleaning up noise and improving their quality. This is a client-side application, therefore its logic is entirely executed by JavaScript engines.