Hello, World!

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Hello there! My name is Andrea and this is the blog of my personal website. It’s nothing but a collection of some random thoughts about the world of Information Technology, mostly hand-crafted as a personal cookbook. If you are interested in the full-scan of such a collection, see you in next post…soon! : )

In the meanwhile, a little bit about this place:

   "title": "I'm Andrea.me",
   "type": "Blog",
   "uri": "http://imandrea.me/blog",
   "keywords": [
      "Information Technology",
      "Data engineering",
      "Data science",
      " ^..^ ",
   "author": {
       "first": "Andrea",
       "last": "Mignone",
       "cappuccinoAdvocate": true,
       "bio": "Where's my Dr. Pepper!?"